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‘Here is a representative synopsis of current opinion.’‘For one thing, we will have khổng lồ ignore a good deal of commentary presented by nameless characters, by representative characters, và by lay figures who appear for one important speech & are never seen again.’‘Secondly, why would these representative strategies indicate that Julie"s mind is ‘a place of absence’?’‘You"re dealing with very iconic, representative characters.’‘A representative farm that utilizes typical production methods in the major cotton production region is constructed for Georgia.’‘Jane is both an effectively realized individual and a representative figure, a spokesperson for the African American experience from slavery times khổng lồ the era of the civil rights movement.’‘She therefore rejects her position as someone who has ‘special significance’ in the narrative by refusing lớn play the role of representative victim assigned to her.’‘The more representative 1.4 S model, which also has air conditioning, keyless entry, nguồn windows & mirror adjustment, costs €18,695.’‘Much of this story is familiar khổng lồ specialists in the field, above all through the varied and often exhaustive archival research done in Germany over the years for each of the representative museums.’‘The suppliers of bond ETFs get around the liquidity problem by using representative sampling, which simply means tracking only a sufficient number of bonds lớn represent an index.’‘It seems likely that it was put here as a reference for the other two, since many of the scenes from this movie appear in the documentary also included in this set, và as a representative talkie he did for MGM.’‘This has involved the development of new representative mechanisms at the European cấp độ which maintain the regulatory gap through the enduring dominance of subsidiarity.’‘‘We really need a representative office in China,’ says Wang.’‘In other words, her work is meant to lớn compliment representative women as a means of facing down both negative female representations & the feminine false consciousness that participates in their transmission.’‘Maximizing utility for increasing risk aversion shows the decreases in profit that the representative farm would be willing to accept for decreases in variability of net returns.’‘The entrant must perform a program that includes a significant representative selection from each of the following.’‘The distinction is now moot; knowledge rhetorically induced from a representative anecdote will ironically contain both of Ransom"s two knowledges.’‘An official of the independent Financial Supervisory Service said that as of this month, seven Japanese banks have branches in South Korea và six others have representative offices.’‘But the poem is representative not exceptional.’‘Consider the following situation: a representative consumer is faced with a rise in price of a hàng hóa he has been buying, even though its price lớn begin with is relatively high.’
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