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Nội dung text: bài xích tập biến hóa từ thì hiện nay tại ngừng sang vượt khứ 1-1 (Và ngược lại)


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LÝ THUYẾT : 1. This is the first time I have seen him (đây là lần thứ nhất tơi thấy anh ta ) =>I have never seen him before. ( tơi chưa bao giờ thấy anh ta trước đó ) mẫu mã này cĩ dạng : Đây là lần đầu tiên làm chuyện đĩ => chưa lúc nào làm chuyện đĩ trước đây. The first time + S + have/has + V3 / ed + S + have / has + never + V3 / ed before 2.I started / began studying English 3 years ago. (tơi bước đầu học TA từ thời điểm cách đó 3 năm ) => I have studied English for 3 years. ( tơi học TA được 3 năm ) mẫu này cĩ dạng : bước đầu làm gì đĩ từ thời điểm cách đó + khoảng thời hạn => đã có tác dụng chuyện đĩ for + khoảng thời hạn Nếu khơng cĩ ago nhưng mà cĩ when + mệnh đề thì giữ nguyên mệnh đề chỉ thay đổi when thành since S + started / began + V ( ing)/ lớn + V(inf) + thời gian trong quá khứ S + have / has + V(ed/c3) + for / since + thời gian 3. I last saw him when I was a student.( lần cuồi thuộc tơi thấy anh ta là lúc tơi là SV ) => I haven"t seen him since I was a student.( tơi đang khơng thấy anh ta từ lúc tơi là SV ) mẫu này cĩ dạng : Lần sau cùng làm chuyện đĩ là lúc => khơng làm chuyện đĩ từ lúc Last : lần cuối. Since : từ khi S1 + last + V2 / ed + when + S2 + V2 / ed S1 + have / has + V3 / ed + since + S2 + V2 / ed 4. The last time she went out with him was two years ago (Lần cuối cơ ta đi chơi với anh ta giải pháp đây 2 năm ) She hasn"t gone out with him for two years.( cơ ta đang khơng đi chơi với anh ta đã 2 năm nay ) The last time + S + V2 / ed + + was + thời hạn trong quá khứ S + haven’t/ hasn’t + V3 / ed + + for / since + thời gian 5. It"s ten years since I last met him.(đã 10 năm từ khi tơi gặp gỡ anh ta lần cuối ) => I haven"t met him for ten years . ( tơi vẫn khơng gặp gỡ anh ta 10 năm rồi ) mẫu này cĩ dạng : Đã khoảng thời gian từ khi làm cái gi đĩ lần cuối => khơng thao tác đĩ được + khoảng thời gian It"s + thời hạn + since + S + last + V2 / ed + S + haven"t / hasn’t + V3 / ed + + for / since + thời hạn 6. When did you buy it ? ( các bạn đã cài nĩ khi nào ? => How long : thì dùng bây giờ hồn thành How long have you bought ? ( chúng ta đã download nĩ được bao thọ ? ) mẫu này cĩ dạng : when : thì sử dụng quá khứ 1-1 How long : thì dùng bây giờ hồn thànhWhen + did + S + V0 / Vs / es ? / How long ago + did + S + V0? => How long + have / has + S + V3 / ed ? B.Exercises Question I. Find the word which has different sound in the part underlined. 1. A. Wanted B. Washed C. Worked D. Stopped 2. A. Mention B. Question C. Kích hoạt D. Education 3. A. Who B. When C. Where D. What 4. A. Out B. Round C. About D. Would 5. A. There B. Thank C. Thirsty D. Youth Question II. Find the word which has different bức xúc pattern from the others. 1.A. Agree B. Father C. Depend D. Enjoy 2. A. Prefer B. Enjoy C. Happen D. Agree 3.A. Doctor B. Father C. Picture D. Fancy 4.A.kitchen B. Visit C. Mistake D. People 5.A. Attend B. Advise C. Affect D. Listen Question III. Complete the sentences with “for” or “since”: 1. We haven’t heard from them ages 2. They waited for you two days 3. They haven’t met him he left the room 4. We have bought the new car 1999 5. Haven’t you seen him Christmas? 6. It was not rained May 7. I haven’t written khổng lồ him five months 8. She has spoken to lớn them this morning 9. We have listened lớn music 8a.m 10. The house been built last year Question IV. Give the teo ect form of the following ve s: 1. I (go) ___ khổng lồ school by bicycle every day. 2. When I(come)___ trang chủ from work, my mother was cooking dinner. 3.They ( play)___football at the moment. 4. If you (study )___harder, you will pass the exam. 5.I wish he (not leave) ___ here 6.He (live) ___in nước australia for 10 years. 7.Ba enjoys (play)___ football in the morning. 8. My house ( build)___ in 2004. 9. If the weather gets worse, we (not go) ___ lớn the beach. 10.I wish I (live) ___ near my school.11. My other usually (go) ___ to school by bike every day. 12. Last night, my father ( watch) ___ TV 13.I wish I ( know) ___her address 14. My father enjoys (watch) ___ television in the evenings. 15.I wish I ( be ) ___ taller. Question V. Use simple past or present perfect to lớn complete the following sentences: 1. Her English ( improve ) recently 2. How many pages you (read) so far? 3. We (finish) our homework two hour ago 4. You (be) to lớn Rome? 5. I (see) him several times on TV 6. What you (do) last night? 7. This is the first time I (visit) the thành phố 8. They (buy) the garden some days ago 9. I (learn) English since I (be) 11 years old 10. Be careful! I (just clean) the floor 11. The meal (already be) ready. 12.

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I (never read) an interesting story like this before Question VI. Rewrite the following sentences with the words given: 1.Minh last wrote khổng lồ his pen pal five months ago. Minh hasn’t 2.The last time we visited Kuala Lumpur was 3 years ago. I haven’t 3. When did you study English? How long ? 4. They began building this house 2 months ago They have 5. My father started to lớn work in this factory last week My father has 6. How long has he worked in the garden? When ? 7. How long ago did you learn music? How long have 8. He started living in Ho bỏ ra Minh đô thị when he was 8 He has 9. He learnt English when he was 18 He has 10. They have worked in that factory for five years. They began 11. My father stopped smoking two years ago. My father hasn’t 12. We have learnt English for four years.>We started 13.My father started khổng lồ give up smoking last year. >My father has 14.They have worked in that factory since 2001. >They started 15. Lan hasn"t written khổng lồ Maryam for a month. >Lan didn"t 16. He has lived in Ha Noi since he was 12. >He started 17. I haven"t met her for a long time. >I didn"t 18. How long have you learnt French ? >How long ago ? 19. How long have you bought this oto ? >When did ? 20. When did you start khổng lồ listen to classical music ? >How long ? 21. I saw her 10 years ago. >I haven"t 22. The last time I saw him was in June > I 23. He started working in this company 5 years ago > He has 24. They began living here ten years ago > They have 25. Lan started to lớn learn French since 2000 > Lan has been learning 26. The last time Lan went to the zoo was two years ago > Lan 27. I haven’t eaten this kind of food before >This is the first time 28. She has studied Japanese for three years > It’s three years since she started lớn study Japanese 29. It’s two years since she had a holiday > She has 30. This is my first visit to lớn Scotland > I . 31. The last time he came to the cinema was three weeks ago > He . 32. We haven’t been to lớn the park for 2 days > The last time 33. It’s five years since we last met each other > We .34. We began working the job six months ago > I . 35. They started checking the machines two hours ago >They have 36. He began fixing the xe đạp ten minutes ago >He has 37. She commenced cooking the soup half an hour ago >She has 38. We began doing the thử nghiệm an hour ago > We have 39. Jack began planting flowers three hours ago > Jack has 40. They started building the idge two years ago > They have 41. Phái nam started learning English in 1998 > phái mạnh has . 42. Bang began raising birds in May > Bang has 43. Van started collecting stamps on Sunday > Van has 44. Hang began listening lớn music at 8 o’clock > Hang has 45. Mai commenced making a dress on Saturday > Mai has 46. He began watering the vegetables at nine > He has . 47. Khanh started playng computer games in 2002 > Khanh has 48. Kim commenced doing the test at one o’clock > Kim has . 49. Miss Lien commenced raising the pets in 2010 > Miss Lien 50. Minh began selling lottery tickets in June > Minh has Question VII. Choose the underlined word or phrase (A, B, C or D) that needs teo ecting. 1. He said he would go to England next week. A B C D 2. My other enjoys to lớn go to lớn the park on Summer evenings. A B C D3. Nam giới wishes he can speak English fluently. A B C D 4. Mai has stayed on her uncle"s farm for last week. A B C D 5. This is the first time I visited a famous place in Hanoi. A B C D Question VIII. Rewrite sentences without changing meaning of the original ones. 1.You spent more money during the trip than I did. => I didn’t___ 2. Have you ever been to Kuala Lumpur before? => Is this your___ 3. China is a huge tourist attraction: it has many old castles và pagodas. => As China___ 4. I found this place rather boring. => I wasn’t___ 5. We last went khổng lồ Spain three years ago. => It is___ 6. We visited a magnificent old house on the plateau. => The___ 7. We a ived in Budapest two days ago. (FOR) =>We___ two days. 8. I have visited the Stone Forest once before. (SECOND) => This is the___ the Stone Forest. 9. I find it hard to go at the same tốc độ as my other. (UP) => I find it hard to___ my other. 10. Dzung is very fond of travelling. (KEEN) =>Dzung is___ 11. We drove away as fast as we could. (FULL) => We drove away___. 12. We went towards the old house. (DIRECTION) => We went ___the old house. 13. The information I got from the travel agent was very confusing và I didn’t know what was going on. (GAVE) => The travel agent___ and I didn’t know what was going on.
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