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belonging or relating to lớn various groups within the Christian Church who believe sầu that God gives people special powers, such as the ability to make others well again and lớn speak lớn hyên in a special language:
Deano was described as cocky, charismatic with an eye for the ladies & doesn"t see anyone as out of his league.
Degree in medicine & self-taught in biology, he was a multifaceted charismatic figure whose influence has endured despite the passing years.
His particular crisis surrounds the use and misuse of his charismatic powers of healing, and his unsettling mystical visions, or showings.
The film was highly controversial in its time, because of its treatment of religious fanaticism và charismatic congregations.
He is also known as a smooth-talker and is considered very charismatic, regularly getting first place in popularity polls.
Charismatic, sardonic, và intuitive, he has a way with women that has at times proven to impede the progress of his cases.
As a result, a certain kind of charismatic leader can run a financially successful company on thoroughly unhealthy principles for a time.
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