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MỘT SỐ ĐỀ ÔN TẬPhường HỌC KỲ ILỚP.. 12 _ NĂM HỌC 2013-2014PRACTICE TEST 1- UNIT 1Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from that of the others. 1.

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A. bringsA. goesA. photographs B. leaves

B. shoes

B. speaks
C. coughs

C. knows

C. soups
D. days

D. uses

D. sometimes
Choose the word that has the primary găng tay on a position different from that of the others.


A. social

A. solution

B. conduct

B. suitable

C. survey

C. confidence

D. value

D. family

Choose the word or phrase among mỏi A, B, C or D that best fits the blank
space in the following passage.It is a fairly comtháng belief in Britain that men these days vì more housework than they did in previous generations. But is this really so? A recent survey has (6)________ some interesting discoveries. When men bởi help out, they enjoycooking và shopping but most are unwilling lớn vị the washing. A quarter of men think that women are better suited lớn (7)______ after the home than men and 19% admit lớn making no (8)______ to lớn housework.The average man says he does a third of the housework, (9)______ the average woman says she does three-quarters of it, so someone isn"t telling the truth! It was impossible to lớn find any men who shared housework equally with their partners. Perhaps it isn"t so (10)________ that there are some politicians who

want a new law forcing men to vì chưng their mô tả.

6. A. done B. found C. made D. given


A. taking

A. cốt truyện

A. while

B. looking

B. contribution

B. therefore

C. take

C. part

C. so
D. look

D. help

D. because
10. A. surprising B. surprised C. surprise D. surprises
Choose A, B, C or D that best completes each unfinished sentence, substitutes the underlined part.

11. Don"t worry. I"ll_________ you a hand with the washing up.

A. borrow B. give sầu C. return D. take

12. It"s not easy to change people"s _______ toward a certain problem.

A. attitude B. idea C. opinion D. thinking

13. She ._______ this cool pair of blue sunglasses.

A. is just buying B. has just bought C. had just bought D. is just going to buy14. Then, he _________ something that his boss ________ some time before.

A. remembered / had said B. had remembered / said

C. remembered / was saying D. was remembering / said

15. We’d like khổng lồ _____ you on your winning the prize in the eloquence contest last week.

A. thank B. welcome C. congratulate D. invite

16. They explained that they ________ a slight technical problem.

A. would have sầu B. were having C. are having D. have had

17. He ________ that she had been chosen lớn play in the national team.

A. said her B. told C. talked to lớn her. D. told her18. Tom: “You’ve sầu got a lovely singing voice, Mary”.

Mary: “_____________.”

A. Don’t mention it! B. Congratulations!

C. It’s all right D. Thank you.

19. Mai: “I’m going on holiday tomorrow”. Lan: “______________.”

A. Congratulations! B. Sorry khổng lồ hear that

C. Watch out D. Have a nice time

đôi mươi. Peter: “I don’t like hunting.” Mike: “____________.”

A. either vì chưng I B. I bởi, too C. Neither vì chưng I D. so bởi I 21. When did they buy this house?

A. How long have they bought this house?

B. How long have they lived in this house?

C. Since when did they live sầu in this house ?

D. How long did they live in this house?22. I have sầu never played golf before.

A. This is the first time I have sầu ever played golf.

B. I used lớn play golf but I gave sầu it up already.

C. It"s the last time I played golf.

D. It"s the first time I had played golf.23. We have planned lớn leave sầu for Hanoi tomorrow.

A. We will leave for Hanoi tomorrow. B. We are leaving for Hanoi tomorrow.

C. We will be going for Hanoi tomorrow. D. We will have left for Hanoi tomorrow.

24. She gets up early lớn prepare breakfast so that her children can come khổng lồ school on time.

A. Despite her getting up early to prepare breakfast, her children cannot come to school on time. .

B. Because she wanted her children khổng lồ come to school on time, she gets up early khổng lồ prepare breakfast.

C. If she does not get up early khổng lồ prepare breakfast, her children will not come to school on time.

D. Unless she gets up early to prepare breakfast, her children will not come khổng lồ school on.

25. The last time I went lớn the museum was a year ago.

A. I have not been lớn the museum for a year.

B. A year ago, I often went khổng lồ the museum.

C. My going khổng lồ the museum lasted a year.

D. At last I went to lớn the museum after a year.

26. We are not allowed _______ jeans at school.

A. wear B. khổng lồ wear C. wearing D. worn

27. Sometimes I vì not feel lượt thích _______ khổng lồ my sibling about my troubles.

A. talk B. lớn talk C. talking D. talked

28. The worker was _______ his boss expected, so he was offered a raise.

A. more hard-working B. as hard -working than

C. more hard-working than D. more hard-working as

29. John _______ a respectful and obedient student.

A. said khổng lồ be B. is said C. is said being D. is said lớn be

30. I love _______ films but I seldom find time khổng lồ go the cinema.

A. see B. saw C. seen D. seeing

31. In the last hundred years, traveling _______ much easier and more comfortable.

A. becomes B. has become C. became D. will become

32. “Where should I wait for the bus?” “ ______”

A. I think it takes about half an hour.

B. I"m sorry I don"t know how khổng lồ get there.

C. There"s nothing khổng lồ discuss.

D. There"s a bus stop over there.

33. “Why is it so cold in this room?"" “______”

A. Put it in here. B. This isn"t a beautiful room. C. The heating system doesn"t work. D. Heating systems today aren"t so cheap

34. What a great time we had!" "______"

A. I"m sorry I don"t have the time. B. It"s 4 past, I think.

C. I don"t know. D. Yes, I did enjoy myself.

35. “There are two of you for lunch, right?"" “_______” A. No, we"re from elsewhere. B. I"d like a table for two, please. C. No, we don"t usually have lunch. D. Yes, me and my cousin, Jimmy.

36. In the 19th century, it _______ two or three months to lớn cross North America by covered wagon.

A. took B. had taken C. had taken D. was taking

37. In the past the trip _______ very rough & often dangerous, but things _______ a great giảm giá khuyến mãi in the last hundred và fifty years.

A. was / have changed B. is / change

C. had been / will change D. has been / changed

38. By this time next summer, you _______ your studies.

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A. completes B. will complete

C. are completing D. will have completed

39. It _____ her fifteen minutes khổng lồ wash the dishes yesterday.

A. spent B. took C. spends D. take

40. After he ____ his English course, he went khổng lồ Engl& to lớn continue his study.

A. has finished B. had finished C. was finished D. would finishError Identification.41. My mother is the person I often divide my secrets with. A B C D42. I borrowed four books on gardening the last time I had gone khổng lồ the library.


43. I have sầu learnt English for I was ten years old.


44. My grandmother wears glass when she reads.


45. We reduced our expenses by taking the train, staying in small hotels & eat in inexpensive sầu restaurants.


Choose the nhà cửa amuốn A, B,
C or D that best answers the question about the passage:The United States has been criticized for its treatment of its elderly citizens. Although in many other countries the elderly usually live sầu with their children"s family, many older Americans live sầu alone, without the cchiến bại companionship of their children. This situation is sometimes blamed on the "selfishness" of the younger generation but a closer look shows that many of the elderly prefer khổng lồ maintain their independent lives.

Research on the situation of the elderly in America has shown that while grandparents are delighted khổng lồ be visited periodically by their children và grandchildren, they prefer khổng lồ continue living in the surroundings that they are familiar with. This suggests that children should permit their parents khổng lồ live alone if they wish khổng lồ, và should encourage them to maintain cthua trận ties to lớn the rest of the family.

Another surprising result of the research on the elderly in the United States has been the very positive influence which pets have been found to lớn have on the elderly people that they live sầu with. It has been shown that elderly people who care for small pets, such as cats or dogs. live sầu longer, are healthier, và have sầu better attitudes towards their lives than similar elderly people without these companions.

46. Many elderly Americans live sầu _________.

A. without satisfaction B. by themselves C. a lonely life D. a simple life

47. What vày some people see as the cause of this situation?

A. The society of the USA treats its elderly people as troubles.

B. The young people usually trouble the elderly of their own.

C. The government concerns hardly about the elderly people.

D. The young people are too selfish.

48. Many of the elderly Americans want lớn ___________.

A. keep living in their well-known places và conditions

B. remain with their grandchildren in their houses

C. remove sầu khổng lồ their sons" or daughters’ homes .

D. live with their friends in their hometown

49. The author advises the young people to ___________

A. keep cthua ties the elderly of their own

B. Jet the elderly of their families live sầu by themselves

C. respect the wishes of their elderly parents

D. permit their elderly relatives khổng lồ raise some pets

50. The author"s main thought is that _________.

A. the elderly who care for some pets live sầu longer

B. the social practice in the USA makes the elderly live alone

C. the elderly people should have better attitudes towards their lives

D. it is a social tradition that the elderly Americans enjoy the self-directing lives---------- ∞0∞--------PRACTICE TEST 2- UNIT 2I. Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from the others.

1. A. knocked B. jumped C. missed D. involved

2. A. borrowed B. planned C. watched D. bathedII. Choose the word which has the different căng thẳng pattern.

3. A. destroy B. maintain C. computing D. handsome

4. A. compulsory B. curriculum C. production D. chemicalIII. Choose the best answer.

5. The conical leaf hat is made from a special kind of _________& soft_________

A. tree/leaves B. spirit/bamboo

C. young bamboo/leave D. bamboo/palm leaves

6. They had a long và happy …………….. .

A. married B. marrying C. marry D. marriage

7. Everything is going well. We ………………..any problems so far.

A. didn’t have B. haven’t had C. don’t have sầu D. hadn’t had

8. After leaving school, Tom…………………..a job in a factory.

A. has got B. got C. is getting D. had got

9. “I took the TOEFL. It was really hard.” “………………… a lot before you took it?”

A. Had you studied B. Did you studied

C. Have sầu you studied D. Do you study

10. I didn’t think his comments were very appropriate at the time.

A. right B. suitable C. correct D. exact

11. An Indian woman has lớn _________more in a marriage than a man

A. sacrifice B. satisfy C. cry D. die

12. You should ………….. more attention to what your teacher explains.

A. make B. get C. set D. pay

13. What an attractive sầu hair style you have sầu got, Mary ! - “…………….”

A. Thank you for your compliment.

B. I don’t lượt thích your sayings.

C. You are telling a lie.

D. Thank you very much. I am afraid.

14. Mary: “ Would you lượt thích lớn go nhảy with us tonight?” “ ..................”

A. Yes, I’d love sầu to B. I want lớn go

C. Very happy to go D. It’s very interesting

15. “ Hello. My name’s Richard” “ ___________”

A. Are you Richard? B. Mine’s John, hello

C. Yes, I know D. Oh, OK .Thank you

16. “ How vì you do?” “ _________”

A. How vày you do? B. I’m well. Thank you

C. Yeah, OK D. Not too bad

17. Pointing at someone is usually considered…………………. in English.

A. acceptable B. polite C. rude D. formal

18. . If you want khổng lồ attract someone’s attention, you can raise your h& and wave to her or hyên. This is called a ……………… size of communication.

A. verbal B. non-verbal C. attention D. signal

19. When I woke up this morning, it _______

A. had rained B. rained C. rains D. was raining

đôi mươi. Tom is convinced that there is gold in these hills but we ……….for six months and ……….any sign of it.

A. have searched/have not seen B. search/don’t see

C. had searched/have sầu not seen D. have sầu searched/had not seen

21. I haven’t heard from Maria …………….

A. since a long time B. for many months ago

C. for many months D. since many months before22. The game …………. at two o’cloông chồng tomorrow. I hope you can be there.

A.start B.has started C.starting starting

23. The two leaders …………..for talks later this afternoon. B.are meeting C.have met D.met

24. The ngân hàng has announced that it………….its interest rates by one per cent from tomorrow. increasing B.increases C.increased D. has increased

Choose the incorrect part indicated by A, B, C or D in the following sentences.

25.My brother hasn’t played football for last year.


26. A large number of Indian men agrees that it is unwise lớn confide in their wives.

A B C DRead the passage and choose the correct answer

If you are invited to lớn an American friend’s home page for dinner, rethành viên these general rules for polite behaviour. First of all, arrive sầu approximately on time but not early. Americans expect promptness. It will be all right lớn be 10 or 15 minutes late but not 45 minutes late. Dinner might be over-cooked & ruined by then. When you are invited khổng lồ someone’s trang chính for a meal, it is polite khổng lồ bring a small gift. Candies or flowers are always appropriate. If you have sầu an attractive thing made in your native country, your host or hostess will certainly enjoy receiving that gift. What will you vị if you are served some food that you cannot eat or you vày not like? Do not make a fuss over it. Simply eat what you can và hope that no one notices it. Be sure khổng lồ compliment the cook on the food that you are enjoying. Do not leave sầu immediately after dinner, but vì chưng not overstay your welcome, either. The next day, Hotline or write a thank-you note khổng lồ say how much you enjoyed the evening.

27. When you come khổng lồ someone’s house for a meal,____________

A. do not bring anything with you

B. take some food or drink

C. bring some flowers, candies or something made in your country.

D. vì not care about gifts.

28. If you are served some food that you cannot eat, _____________

A. vày not make a fuss over it

B. immediately tell the host about this

C. ask for another dish

D. apologize for being unable lớn eat it

29. Which of the followings is TRUE?

A. The next day you should immediately invite hyên to lớn your trang chủ for the meal

B. The next day you should invite hlặng to lớn your trang chủ lớn thank him for the dinner.

C. The next day you should phone him to lớn thank him for the dinner.

D. The next day you should sover hyên a small gift.

30. When an American invites you khổng lồ have dinner at his home page, ________

A. you needn’t arrive sầu on time B. you should arrive on time

C. you should arrive late

D. you should arrive early lớn help the host

31. After dinner, ___________.

A. stay there until bed time

B. bởi vì not leave sầu immediately or bởi vì not overstay your welcome

C. bởi vì not say anything about the cook

D. leave sầu immediately

Read the passage và then choose the best option indicated by A, B, C or D to lớn complete the passage.

When you go to lớn a tiệc ngọt in Atlantica, don’t (31)_________ a gift. (32)_________you vày so, your hosts will believe sầu that you think they are poor. Never (33)_________on time in Atlantica. Come one or two minutes late (34)________your host will not be ready on time themselves. In Atlantica, all schedules (even airline schedules) run on” elastic time”. At dinner time, eat only what the hosts serve sầu you. If you ask for anything special, the hosts try to get what you (35)__________, even if they have lớn go out lớn the store that evening. And never look at the other guests while you eat. Instead, look down at your food. Use a spoon for all foods, even hard foods lượt thích fried meat.

32. A. bring B. take C. give D. offer

33. A. If B. When C. Though D. While

34. A. get B. arrive sầu C. go D. reach

35. A. due lớn B. though C. because D. so

36. A. vày B. ask C. want D. require Choose the correct sentence indicated A, B, C, or D that has the clomix meaning lớn the original sentence.

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