Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from that of the other words.1. A. hvà B. bank C. sand D. band2. A. money B. month C. monkey D. monitor3. A. change B. hungry C. stronger D. singleChoose the word that has different bít tất tay pattern from that of the other words.4. A. experience B. embarrass C. floppy D. embrace5. A. idol B. đoạn Clip C. birthday D. imagine6. A. cốt tông B. happen C. extreme D. quicklyChoose the best answer to complete each sentence.7. A person or thing that is loved and admired very much is the _________.A. ideal B. idea C. idol D. fan8. A short part of a film or movie that is shown separately is called a _________.A. picture B. clip C. news D. cartoon9. She _________shyly at hyên ổn & then lowered her eyes.A. looked B. stared C. glanced D. sighted10. This _________girl was disliked by the rest of the class.A. ful B. sneaky C. unselfish D. generous11. He pulled a(n) _________of 10 pounds notes out of his pocket.A. sum B. amount C. piece D. wad12. I’ve never fallen in such a(n) _________situation before.A. embarrassed B. embarrassing C. confused D. confusing13. The children were _________about opening their presents.A. interested B. fond C. keen D. excited14. I know from _________that he’ll arrive late.A. knowledge B. experience C. understanding D. reality15. Andrew _________the test before so he_________it very easy.A. did/ had found B. had done/ found C. was doing/ found D. did/ was founding16. You _________your new hat when I _________you yesterday.A. were wearing/ had met B. wore/ had metC. wore/ was meeting D. were wearing/ met17. As I _________the glass, it suddenly _________inkhổng lồ two pieces.A. cut/ broke B. was cutting/ broke C. cut/ was breaking D. was cutting/ had broken18. A burglar _________into the house while we _________television.A. broke/were watching B. broke/ watchedC. had broken/ watched D. broke/ had watched19. When I _________trang chủ, I _________a phone hotline.A. got/ received B. was getting/was receiving C. got/ had received D. had got/ had receivedđôi mươi. They _________small cups of coffee after they _________dinner.A. had drunk/ finished B. drank/ finished C. were drinking/ finished D. drank/ had finished21. It was midnight. Outside it _________very hard.A. rains B. rained C. had rained D. was raining22. When he _________at the station, his train already_________.A. arrived/ left B. arrived/ had left C. had arrived/ left D. had arrived/ left

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