I think it does because it describe the persons character. I think it describes in some way their attitueds & what they like to do. On way you can predict how a person is in their clothes maybe in some cases you can be wrong but, in most cases a persons clothes can say alot.

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Yes because how someone dresses the way they show who they are. What they like they show through their clothes, the colors the style everything.


I think yes khổng lồ a point, it shows alot of personality and it can show if a person may be clean or dirty. Its not all looks but you can get a good perspective of the person by the way the dress.


Yes, a person"s clothes tell you a lot about the person wearing them. Clothes are lớn cover the body up and are also a khung of expression. Clothes tell you so much, they tell you what sense of style they have, what culture they follow, ect. They can tell you at least one thing about the person wearing them. They might not tell you everything, but you can get an idea of their personality. You can"t always judge a book by it"s cover though, so don"t judge a person by what covers them.


Yes, I think that a person clothing tells you how they are as a person because an individual clothing reflects how they carry themselves và show their confidence.

i think it does because how you dress spresses what kind of person you are, it also tells alot about your personality and how you act around people.

Yes, a person"s clothing can tell about their personality, what they lượt thích what they believe in, or even where they come from

i think the way a person dresses does tell you something about them. Lượt thích how they act, what they do, like what their profession is.

my opinion is that it says a lot of the person by what they wear. It shows one person but they still might be different.

I bởi vì think you can judge from people what they wear. Its lượt thích alittle look into there personality an what they are into. Just lượt thích if some one likes a band they"ll wear a shirt, it shows you that persons into that band.

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yes, because clothes tell you alot about a person, what people wear usually shows how they express themselves

A person"s clothes does tell you something about the person wearing them. It tells you a bit of their personality & style. It may not tell you everything about the person so don"t judge people by what they wear.

yes a person"s clothes tell you anything about someone as a person, it tells you their personality in some ways & also tells you their style, but dont ever judge someone by their looks because sometimes we are wrong about wat we say or think.

Yes the way a person dress matters alot,because people judge you on the way you dress!so the way you wear your clothes matters

In my opinion, clothing is only threading that allows people to present to lớn the world how they want lớn be seen, rather than how they really are. More frequently than not vày I see people wearing clothing that portrays a stereotype or clique that doesn"t correspond lớn them at all. You can điện thoại tư vấn them "Posers", or "wannabe"s"" or whatever you prefer, but there are more aesthetic fakes than there are legitimate people. What people wear can"t always be used to lớn judge who they are, and like the saying goes; "Don"t judge a book by it"s cover." In some cases, this may not be true, but the majority of people are untrue to the clothing they wear.

Just because a person wears all black and has piercings doesn"t mean that the person is mean, & just because a girls wears revealing clothes doesn"t mean she"s a certain way either.

I"m not going khổng lồ lie; I vì judge your appearance if I"m interested in you và want to lớn date you. BUT! A persons clothing style does not tell anything about them. Some people can"t afford clothes & some just have horrible taste. That doesn"t show that you"re a good or bad person though. Some guys are super HOT! Yet, they are jerks and some are dorky looking but they have great hearts. Then there"s the total package; good taste và sweet, AYYYY!

The clothing does not tell you anything about the person because their personalities và reputation are not expressed by what they are wearing. For example, a rich person does not have to lớn dress in expansive clothing brands and a poor person does not have to dress in raggy clothes. A poor person may look raggy but their personality can be really positive even though they look the opposite of what they wear. The clothing is only the appearance và you can not judge the person by the appearance because it is just like judging the book by it"s cover.

i dont think the clothes that you wear tells you about how the the person is và whats he like. Maybe he/she just cant afford any clothes or maybe they just really dont care about fashion and all this stereotypes stuff, on how you have to have all this branded clothing & have everything what the celebs have.

it just really depends lớn a person if shes wearing a very revealing clothing then some people may assume that she"s a H but u really cant judge them but u cant blame the people that sees them, their wearing a hs uniform.

no because majority of the population just wears certain styles simply because its in style, or because somebody else is wearing it, and they are just lieing lớn everybody else with the clothes they were. This doesnt work in every case because there are those select few who bởi dress to lớn express themselves, but in most cases your clothing doesn"t reflect who you are as a person.

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