Soal-soal toefl dan pembahasannya part most dificult course. a.was b.were d.amMathematics merupakan kata bendomain authority khusus yang di akhiri s namun bukan petunjuk jamak.Jadi,Subjek mathematics padomain authority kalimat di samping patut diikuti kata kerja perangkai tunggal was karena mathemathics kata bendomain authority tunggal.


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1...........the demands of aerospace,medicine,& agriculture,engineers are creating exotic new metallic substances. a.Meet b.Being met are c.To meet d.They are meeting Jawab :(C)To meet Key word :the demands of aerospace Pembahasan :pola infinitif phrase:to infinititive sầu + object of to infinitive sầu.Kalimat tersebut menyatakan tujuan atau maksud.Maka dibutuhkan to lớn infinitif phrase.Sehingga pilihan phrase yang tepat untuk mengiyêu thích rumpang tersebut adalah lớn meet. 2.........James A.Blvà,Carry Me Back to lớn Old Virginny was adopted is the state song of Virginia in 1940. a.Was written by b.His writting was c.He wrote the d.Written by Jawab :(D)Written by Key word :James A. bland Pembahasan :Kalimat di atas membutuhkan Adjedtive phrase untuk menerangkan kata bendomain authority Carry Me Bachồng to lớn Old Virginny.Frasa adjektif yang paling tepat adalah Written by .Mengapage authority disebut frasa adjektif,karena past participle(V3) yang tidak ditemani bentuk be atau have sầu adalah sebuahRead more


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Joyce Carol Oates published her first collection of short stories.By the Gate,in 1963,two years after she had received her master's degree from the University of Wisconsin và become an instructor of English at the line University of Detroit.Her productivity since then has been (5) prodigious,accumulating in less than two decades to lớn nearly thirty titles,including novel,collections of short stories và verse,plays,và literary criticism.In the meantime,she has continued to lớn teach ,moving in 1967 from the University of Detroit lớn the University of Windsor,in ontario,và,in 1978, khổng lồ princeton University.Reviewers have sầu admired her enormous energy,but find a productivity of such magnitude difficult to lớn assess. (10) In a period characterized by the abandonment of so muRead more


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1.There's a new oriental restaurant in town , isn't it? A B C D jawab: (D)isn't it key word: there is pembahasan: seharusnya isn't there ,subject kalimatnya adalah there. 2.The government has decided voting on the resolution now rather than next month. A B C D jawab:(B) voting key word: decided pembahasan :seharusnya to lớn vote ,decide adalah kata kerja yang diikuti khổng lồ infinitive. 3.The professor is thinking khổng lồ go to lớn the conference on aerodynamics next month. A B C D jawab: (B)to lớn go key word: thinking pembahasan: seharusnya of going ,think of atau think about bertemunya dengan v-ing. 4.His father does not approve of him to go to theChuyên mục: Kiến thức trúc vị
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