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a series of letters & symbols that show what substances 3D a particular chemical element or compound :
A formula is an equation (= phối of numbers và letters representing two equal amounts) that shows how one amount depends on one or more other amounts.

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a formula for sth/for doing sth Tandy had a simple formula for locating his stores: Put them where the customers are.
The combination of convenience stores and online shops has proven khổng lồ be a winning formula for the company.
Since the coefficients of the sum are now changing with every iteration, we also need intelligent update formulas.
Cost efficiency and time efficiency may tư vấn the continued use of diagnostic categories or test score formulas as guidelines for service provision.
In the proof, we present formulas for the solutions k0 (x), và their lengths and areas, in terms of the beta & complementary error functions.
In this way, one obtains error formulas which focus, for example, more on boundary terms than on volume terms.
The factors, variables, & coefficients thus determined and measured would be integrated into lớn mathematical formulas that permit the calculation and determination of the corresponding tariffs.
The first two of these formulas have sầu their usual interpretation as negation & material implication.
The near-sacred statistics are explained; formulas are given for mysteries lượt thích the earned run average.
An inspection of the arguments mentioned at the kết thúc of 3 shows that the analogies of formulas và are still valid.
Of course, in more general groups similar formulas exist, but we have to introduce the derivative of the group operation.





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