A: it means you become deeply engaged in whatever you are doing. for example if you "immerse yourself" in your studies, you"re working really hard, not getting distracted easily
A:to lớn surround yourself with something. examples.

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immerse yourself with a language.a culture immersion
A:It means "to lớn get carried away in".When you Immerse" yourself in a video game or something else it means your either imprinting yourself on the protagonist. (making look và act lượt thích you would.) or you"re just playing very heavily và forget about the real world.
A:Immersed as in really inlớn or focused on something:She unintentionally ignored me due khổng lồ her being immersed in a book.I was immersed in my work.My little brother was immersed in his game.-Immersed as in dipping or submerging in a liquid:I immersed the paper in water.The files were immersed in the ink as soon as I spilled it.

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A:Immerse and Submerge are similar. Submerge is usually used for something that shouldn"t be in the water. "Her head was submerged under the water". Immerse is used more positively and can be for more than just water: "She was immersed in her work." or "She immersed herself in a hot bathtub."Dip is used for objects in liquids: "Dip the fries in ketchup"/"Dip your toes in the water".Duông xã is used mostly when you are hiding: "He ducked his head under the water" means everything but his head was under water before, và now he has submerged his head also.Or, "He ducked behind the oto khổng lồ hide from his friends."
A:Immerse = to cover completely with something, especially with liquid; to submerge I simmered bones immersed in water for several hours. Yesterday I was immersed in my Korean studies almost all day long. Immerge has the same meaning. But FYI I would consider this a very rare word. I had never encountered it in 50 years until today. Other more comtháng words:emergesubmerge
A:To immerse something means putting it fully into water, even under water (submerged). But I can soak something or someone by spraying it with a hose, for example, or otherwise pouring water on it, without ever immersing it in water. Put another way, immersion involves being completely surrounded or covered; soaking just involves being thoroughly wet. I can immerse myself in a stream; but I can get soaked walking in the rain. "Immerse/immersion" is sometimes used metaphorically, e.g., about language learning, or about being engrossed in (concentrated on) something.
A: Both have a similar meaning when used with reference to physical things. When applied to lớn abstract things, I think "submerged" tends khổng lồ have sầu a negative sầu chất lượng, such as being "*overloaded* (e.g. he was submerged in work), whereas "immersed" has either a neutral or positive sầu quality to lớn it, such as *focusing one"s attention* on something (e.g. she was immersed in her study of the subject).
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