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Read the following passage và mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet to lớn indicate the correct answer to each of the questions.

In the world today, particular in the two most industrialized areas, North America & Europe, recycling is the big news. People are talking about it, practicing it, & discovering new ways khổng lồ be sensitive to the environment. Recycling means finding ways to use products a second time. The motto of the recycling movement is "Reduce, Reuse, Recycle". The first step is to reduce garbage. In stores, a shopper has lớn buy products in blister packs, boxes and expensive plastic wrappings. A hamburger from a fast food restaurant comes in lots of packaging: usually paper, a box và a bag. All that packaging is wasted resources. People should try khổng lồ buy things that are wrapped simply, and to reuse cups and utensils. Another way khổng lồ reduce waste is to buy high- chất lượng products. When low-quality appliances break, many customers throw them away và buy new ones - a loss of more resources và more energy. For example, if a customer buys a high-quality appliance that can be easily repaired, the manufacturer receives an important message. In the same way, if a customer chooses a sản phẩm with less packaging, that customer sends an important message lớn the manufacturers. To lớn reduce garbage, the throw-away must stop. The second step is khổng lồ reuse. It is better khổng lồ buy juices và soft drinks in returnable bottles. After customers empty the bottles, they return them lớn the stores. The manufacturers of the drinks collect bottles, wash them, và then fill them again. The energy that is necessary khổng lồ make new bottles is saved. In some parts of the world, returning bottles for money is a common practice. In those places, the garbage dumps have relatively little glass and plastic from throw-away bottles. The third step being environmentally sensitive is to recycle. Spent motor oil can be cleaned & used again. Aluminum cans are expensive lớn make. It takes the same amount of energy lớn make one aluminum can as it does to run a màu sắc TV phối for three hours. When people collect & recycle aluminum (for new cans), they help save one of the world"s precious resources.


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A. The bottles are collected, washed, returned & filled again.

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