More & more of us are shopping online these days thanks to the greater convenience và selection of online retailers. But the obvious downside of online shopping is that you need khổng lồ be able khổng lồ receive sầu packages at a physical address.

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There are lots of reasons you may not want khổng lồ receive sầu packages at home page. Perhaps you’re gift shopping and don’t want the people you live with khổng lồ know what you’re ordering. Maybe there’s no one home during the day khổng lồ safely receive sầu the package. Maybe you live sầu in a walk-up apartment that won’t hold deliveries for you. Or maybe it’s just more convenient for you to lớn pick up your deliveries elsewhere and bring them trang chính yourself. 

If you’ve ever found yourself asking, “where can I ship a package other than my house?”, this article is for you. Here are some alternatives lớn home page delivery lớn consider if you can’t - or don’t want lớn - receive sầu packages at home page.

Package receiving service

A package receiving service is a great way lớn get items delivered without using your trang chủ address. Did you know that Bounce partners with local businesses in cities all across the world lớn help you vì just that? If you’ve ever asked yourself “where can I ship a package other than my house?”, this is your answer.

Package receiving services can accept your deliveries and hold on khổng lồ them until you’re ready to piông xã them up. This provides a way to lớn keep your packages safe from thieves and weather damage, & means they’ll be ready for you khổng lồ collect when it’s most convenient to lớn you. Package receiving services can even sign for your parcels, adding an extra màn chơi of security to your shipments.

Package receiving services are an excellent solution khổng lồ the problem of getting deliveries somewhere other than your home page address. They’re also useful if you’re wondering how khổng lồ get something delivered secretly. Package delivery services can hold your items outside your house so that your surprises won’t be ruined before you can give sầu them.

One of the big advantages of a package receiving service is that it gives you an actual street address to lớn deliver packages lớn. This is helpful because many online retailers won’t ship to PO boxes or anything other than a real street address.

Package receiving services can also be helpful for cross-border shopping or if you're staying in a different location lớn normal - for example, if you're on a work trip or living as a digital nomad. Many online retailers won’t ship across state or national borders. Using a package acceptance service can allow you to have sầu packages delivered in a nearby state và cross the border yourself to lớn pichồng them up.

If a package receiving service is for you, then you’re in the right place. Bounce offers three different kinds of package receiving plans & has partner stores across the US - whether you’re looking to use an alternative sầu delivery address for a one-off online purchase or you need a more regular package receiving address, there’s a plan and a ship-to address for you.

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Package locker systems

What if I don’t want a package delivered khổng lồ my house? Package lockers are another good solution if you don’t want your packages to lớn come to your door. Some package lockers are completely contact-free. You can arrange for the delivery driver to drop off the package inside a locker that’s convenient for you, then retrieve your package once delivery has been made.

Alternatively, you can use a package delivery service that is staffed for added security. But rethành viên if you choose that option that you’ll have to be conscious of the business hours of the service so that you don’t try to lớn piông xã up your package after the service is closed. 

Sign up for a PO Box 

A PO Box, or post office box, operates in a similar way to lớn a package locker, but is more generally for both mail và packages. The mailperson drops your mail into lớn a box and locks it up after them. Then you can let yourself inkhổng lồ the box once your mail has arrived. PO Boxes aren’t just for mail, either. Some are big enough lớn receive sầu even large parcels.

Like a package locker, a PO Box is completely contactless và often has better hours for you to piông xã up your stuff at a more convenient time. However, it’s a good idea khổng lồ check with your shipping company before using one. While a PO Box can be great if you need a service that will receive mail and packages for you, some companies won’t deliver to a PO box and instead require a street address.


Get your parcel delivered khổng lồ a frikết thúc (or your office)

“What if I don't want a package delivered lớn my house,” you may be saying, “but I can’t find a package acceptance service near me?” Well, in that case, your best option may be lớn see if a frikết thúc can receive your packages for you. If you know someone who is at home during the day, this can be the easiest way khổng lồ receive sầu packages. A friover will probably be more flexible about when you can piông chồng your packages up. And it may not cost you anything, although it could be a good idea to get your friover a little something for helping you out.

If you don’t have sầu a frikết thúc who can help, see if you can have your packages delivered khổng lồ your workplace. This can be a very convenient solution if you’re already at work anyway & it can save sầu you from having to lớn make a special trip.

Of course, this depends on your workplace. Not every business allows its employees to lớn vì chưng this. Your office may not have sầu the space lớn store packages. It’s always a good idea to check with your employer first.

Additionally, you may not want your co-workers khổng lồ know what you’re buying online. In that case, your best bet for receiving packages without using your trang chính address is to lớn use a package acceptance service to lớn keep your online orders safe.

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