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Is English Hard To Learn? So, you’ve sầu decided to lớn study English. But, for some reason, when you will use what you’ve sầu learned, it seems not to lớn work that way in real life.

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Don’t worry; you’re not the only one who feels this way. English is a hard language lớn learn. It is not, though, impossible!

In reality, how difficult it is to lớn learn depends on your native language. This is because languages are more (or less) related.

Many of the words we use in English developed from Latin and Ancient Greek words. But, is English hard to lớn learn? We’ll let you make your view!

Why Is English Hard To Learn? 11 Reasons

The English language considers amuốn the most challenging languages to lớn learn. We’ll look at some of the comtháng reasons why people find it hard to learn English.

1. Families of Languages:

Today, the world’s speaking languages number is about 6,000. The scientific discipline tends to think of languages as families. They have developed from one another & size specific family trees.

Since English is a thành viên of the Germanic family of languages, it would be easier lớn learn if your native sầu language is similar lớn Dutch or German.

However, learning English would be difficult if you speak the Japanese language. Which has little in comtháng with either the Romance or Germanic languages. And thus sounds và looks very different. You can find it easier to learn English if your native language is close to it.

2. Some Things Are Nonsensical:

The English language is often full of inconsistencies và illogical statements. Many words, for example, seem confusing khổng lồ non-native sầu speakers.

For example, what does pinetáo have khổng lồ vì with the words “pine” & “apple”?


Of course, each English-speaking nation has its distinct way of pronouncing words. The U.S., Canada, nước Australia, và South Africa each have sầu their specific way of pronouncing words. This means that where you study English has a massive effect on the pronunciation you use.

Is English Really That Hard To Learn?

Although English indeed is a complex language khổng lồ learn. The same case is with other languages such as Mandarin, Russian, or Japanese.

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English is one of the most popular languages globally, spoken by over 1.5 billion people lớn some point. And your dedication to lớn studying all its complexities & differences will open many doors for you in the future.

Several factors make learning English hard and perplexing. It is difficult khổng lồ learn its grammar structure, pronunciation, definitions, và rules. But bear in mind that the situation is similar for English speakers learning a foreign language.

What matters is your ability and commitment khổng lồ learning the fundamental rules. Learning English was never more straightforward or more accessible than it is today. Finally, whether a language is challenging lớn learn depends on the person.

It’s easier lớn learn English if you don’t care about the rules. Concentrate on reading & listening lớn native language nội dung. The higher your language learning targets are, the more difficult it would be khổng lồ learn English. It’s as simple as that.


Hundreds of millions of people learn English around the world. And make English the third most studied native sầu language. And many of them enroll in an English-speaking course as adults or as children.

The English language is widely regarded as one of the most difficult khổng lồ master. Because of its unpredictable spelling and challenging lớn learn grammar, it is challenging for both learners & native speakers.

Learning a new language is difficult in any case since so much depends on your original language & its similarity khổng lồ your target language. It isn’t impossible just because it is challenging.

Best of luông xã with your learning!

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You’re not alone if you’re having trouble learning English. The Language Doctors are on hvà lớn assist you if you’re looking to lớn advance your English skills.

Please get in touch with us to lớn make learning và studying English a lot easier for you.

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