My first ever job was in sales. I came to Polvà in late 2012 to lớn pursue my bachelor studies. Why Poland? Well, that’s a story for another time…

The Very Beginning

I didn’t have a lot of money on me, €1000 in total và since I don’t come from a well off family I knew I had to find a job quickly in order lớn pay for my expenses. Needless to lớn say, one month of living in Pol& & I was nearing the end of my precious €1000. So, I started looking for a job. Any job. There was one huge caveat, I didn’t speak the Polish language.

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After applying for over 400 jobs và not hearing a peep from any of the applications I sent over. I thought this was it, I’m going to lớn have lớn go bachồng lớn Pakisrã and live sầu with my parents. That thought scared the living crap out of me.

I kept searching for a job, from Mcdonalds lớn tutoring kids with English. I just wanted a job, any job that can help me pay my 470 PLN ($120) rent for the dorm room that I lived in.

Lo và behold, three months inkhổng lồ the job tìm kiếm, I get an gmail in my inbox.

To this day, that tin nhắn was the most surreal one ever lớn have landed in my inbox. It came out of nowhere, totally unexpected và it couldn’t have sầu come at a more opportune time. I will always và forever be grateful lớn Bartosz Mozyrko for giving me that amazing opportunity. He quite literally saved my ass. I am where I am because of that man.

I landed the job as an SDR/Account Exec hybrid at UsabilityTools. My first ever (sales) job. My sales career had just begun.

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I worked with UsabilityTools for 3 years. From 13 hour workdays khổng lồ doing demos at 3 am. It was all a great experience và taught me a lot of things. I got promoted to lớn Head of Sales mid-way through my tenure, got a chance to build my own team & sell that amazing sản phẩm until I eventually moved on to greener pastures.

I’ve been working in sales for almost 7 years now, & here are some of the things this profession has taught me và why I believe sales is the perfect first job anyone can ever have sầu.


I was in no way a patient person, mix that with competitiveness and you’ve sầu got yourself a very potent set. Sales taught me how to lớn be patient not only in my professional life but also personal. Ever heard of the impression, “all good things come to lớn those who wait”?.

It can’t hold truer when it comes lớn sales. Ask anyone who works in sales and they will tell you it can take a long time for đơn hàng khổng lồ cđại bại. Often times prospects become unresponsive sầu even though it felt lượt thích it was a done khuyến mãi.

When it starts to lớn happen on a weekly basis, you either accept it as an occupational hazard & learn to be patient or it will drive sầu you insane. No sale is ever simple, it takes work from your kết thúc & a whole lot of patience otherwise you can make the prospect feel very uneasy and risk losing the giảm giá.

Especially with all the tracking in place today, seeing when prospects open your emails, it can become very frustrating if they open the emails và not reply. The objective is khổng lồ keep following up but at the same time give sầu the prospect some breathing room.

Patience is the

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