a dark, thichồng oil obtained from under the ground, from which various substances including petrol, paraffin, and diesel oil are produced

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a dark, thick oil obtained from under the ground and made inkhổng lồ fuels such as gas & heating oil, và used in making plastics
a dark thick oil obtained from under the ground, from which various substances, including petrol, are produced:
Over two-thirds of urban air pollution is generated by transportation, while virtually all the remainder are due to other petroleum-using activities.
The darkly stained surface soil in the depot area also suggests that other petroleum products were spilled at the site.
Many economies are dominated by mining, petroleum, or other industrial commodity production, others receive more income in foreign aid than in corporate or income taxes.
The resulting balance of payments crisis was exacerbated by the government"s delay in adjusting petroleum prices and electricity rates.
Once commercialized fuel markets exist, petroleum fuels can get their breakthrough if they can compete on price with fuelwood.
There was a long list of antitrust offences of which the petroleum companies were purportedly guilty, & one of these was exchange agreements.
It is the realm of bioremediation where the greathử nghiệm advances are being made for treating petroleum-contaminated soils in cold regions.

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Given the large quantity of petroleum-contaminated soil present, remediation processes that can be carried out in situ are likely to be the preferable clean-up options.
If the nuclear status was unclear, the oocytes were mounted on slides that had been prepared with petroleum jelly/paraffin wax supporting droplets.
Unused tanks of petroleum, materials containing asbestos, chemicals for experimentation, and thousands of other items were left behind.
Some of these sites are where the storage or use of petroleum hydrocarbons was likely khổng lồ have sầu been common when the station was inhabited.
Sampling of soil and water for an assessment of contamination by heavy metals & petroleum hydrocarbons was also carried out.





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