I got the job on Sam"s recommendation (= because she told her employers that I was suitable for the job).

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a statement that someone or something would be good or suitable for a particular job or purpose, or the act of making such a statement:
Discussions of symptomatology & treatment recommendations, usually with no clear empirical basis, form the bulk of the medical literature on this subject.
He asks us khổng lồ identify what is in the child"s best interest, & then he asks other social workers khổng lồ offer some recommendations.
The other kinematic parameters, as well as dynamic ones, were identified on the basis of the biometric tables, recommendations, và empirical relations given in refs.
Still, the main weakness of this study is its laông xã of serious attention to publicpolicy recommendations for resize.
At any rate, it is difficult, in view of the lack of clinical experience, lớn make more specific dosage recommendations.
Here, comparisons of national regulatory practices are made and recommendations for common standards are proposed.

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Each rotation type was managed using either conventional management (pesticide & fertilizer applied according to lớn standard recommendations) or organic management.
We can say, tentatively, that a philosophy of life is a theory of the good conjoined with practical recommendations for attaining the good.
Additional recommendations that giảm giá khuyến mãi with more details will make the process more complicated but not necessarily better.
Additional recommendations were often made about training, multidisciplinary teams, contribution khổng lồ registries, and research, but these were not the focus of the present study.





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