TCO Certified is the world’s most comprehensive sustainability certification for IT products, helping you make responsible sản phẩm choices that drive sầu the industry in a sustainable direction. Using TCO Certified also supports your organization’s efforts to lớn reduce risk & take the next step in social and environmental responsibility.

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TCO Certified is trusted by organizations worldwide. It is available for 11 sản phẩm categories: displays, notebooks, tablets, smartphones, desktops, all-in-one PCs, projectors, headsets, network equipment, data storage products & servers.

Comprehensive criteria drive social và environmental sustainability throughout the IT hàng hóa life cycle. Compliance is independently verified, both pre and post certification.

Certified products must meet comprehensive environmental and social criteria throughout the life cycle. For instance, factories where certified products are made must follow criteria on working hours, working environment & wages. Products must meet criteria for energy efficiency, ergonomic design and limited hazardous substance nội dung.

TCO Certified is available for office IT products: displays, notebooks, tablets, smartphones, desktops, all-in-one PCs, projectors, headsets, và data center products: network equipment, data storage products và servers.

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Independent, accredited organizations verify that factories and products comply with all criteria in TCO Certified. Verification is done both before and after the certificate is issued, covering the entire validity period. The process also includes ensuring that corrective sầu actions are implemented in all cases of factory non-conformities. Verification organizations are reviewed regularly, to ensure that the test results are reliable và consistent.

TCO Certified is a third-các buổi tiệc nhỏ certification independent of the IT industry & buyers. TCO Certified meets the requirements of ISO 14024 Ecolabel Type 1 & has been approved by the Global Ecolabelling Network. All verification is carried out in by independent verification organizations in accordance with ISO 17025, the international standard for competence requirements applied khổng lồ testing and calibration laboratories.

TCO Certified Edge is a supplemental certification to TCO Certified, intended for best in class products meeting leading edge sustainability criteria. The certification pushes boundaries and recognizes those products that are leading the way.

Currently, more than 3,500 products from 27 brands are certified. You can find a complete, searchable listing in our Product Finder.


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