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Living và working in another country is no doubt an experience that looks very good on our curriculum vitae & opens the door lớn a wide choice of work opportunities. It is a life challenge and a good và direct way to learn a new language, become familiar with a new culture as well as thử nghiệm our adaptability.

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Whether for a long or a short period of time, this new journey is always a major challenge, because we have sầu to lớn overcome numerous obstacles. Leaving behind life as we know it is the first one. It is definitely a challenge to start a new life without family, colleagues, and perhaps not speaking the language.

If you ever made this important decision, you might rethành viên your first days in the new country, arriving at the airport và the adrenalin surging when you breathed in the air of the new adventure that would change your life forever. You did not know when you would be at the airport again, but on your way baông xã you were a different person.

From the first moments of our new journey…

The moment when we arrive sầu in another country, we feel life is giving us a new opportunity. Difficulties we have sầu lớn overcome provide the reward of moving us forward, stretching our limits.

Situations we vị not normally face in our trang chính country, we now bởi vì on a daily basis. For example, if we are not yet familiar with the local language, we are forced to lớn learn seemingly small things such as buying train or bus tickets, finding our way khổng lồ school or work even though we vì not know how to ask, not knowing where to buy a good lunch and overpaying for food for the first weeks until a kind soul helps us understvà. Yet all of this helps develop our independence and adaptability lớn new situations. One day, we will smile at the experience when we think about how we panicked that one time.

The other advantage of living abroad is meeting new people. Whatever the purpose of our stay, work or study, we have to build a new network. Now networking is not about people we know from our childhood, classmates or colleagues we know well; we learn khổng lồ talk to as many people as possible who may help develop our social lives. And, if we add our limited knowledge of the new language, we might kết thúc up with some interesting adventures.

Professional & personal experience

There are two sides lớn the expatriation experience: the personal and the professional. Developing an awareness of our limits is important for the former. Whether we move sầu to somewhere in Europe, nước Australia or Africa, we face a new environment. We learn to lớn adapt to lớn new people with a different lifestyle and habits. Witnessing people’s different problems and the way they deal with them might help us re-evaluate our own difficulties & see them from a different perspective.

On the professional side, this experience can increase our resourcefulness và resilience. It shows that we are able to accept different working practices, which makes us more flexible & adaptable.

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New country, new attitude

No matter where we come from, we live in diverse environments with specific attitudes, and we are all different. One lifestyle can seem stressful, another relaxed, but once we change our environment & start to lớn adapt, we must be ready khổng lồ change. Very often this happens unconsciously, và frequently before we adapt we go through difficult times. Everytoàn thân has their own experience depending on where they are going and where they come from.

Does this mean that we have lớn change our personality? For example, shift from being an introvert who likes to lớn keep a certain distance khổng lồ a public, jovial person? Not necessarily. We vì, however, need to learn khổng lồ be accepting of differences và become accustomed to lớn them. It is a lesson in tolerance.

Attitudes also affect our professional life. What seems normal to us may not necessarily suit others. Some people work long hours, taking short brakes, while others work at a less strict pace, take long pauses or even break for a siesta. These factors play an important role in our job performance.

It is a great achievement lớn make it through the hardships of living abroad và lớn see ourselves vày things which we had previously thought we could not do. Yet how else would we know that we can learn a new language in a couple of months? How else would we know that we are capable of working under conditions we have sầu never experienced before, such as a different economic situation or even an unfamiliar climate? If we never travel without family & friends, how vì we build the self-confidence that we can make friends from around the world? We cannot know until we try.

Time khổng lồ go back

Once we have adapted, made friends, learnt the language, understood the culture & overcome our limits, before we know it, it is time to lớn go back home. This part of the journey might by surprisingly difficult. We have learnt new things about ourselves, lived in a different environment, & our expatriation has had a big impact on us. Now we have sầu lớn say goodbye lớn our new friends, those who were there for us in our new home page.

After our absence, things as we knew them may not appear the same anymore. Bachồng home, the job market, our resources, our social entourage, the economy & our family have sầu moved on. The change may also simply be that, because of what we experienced, we come baông chồng with different perspectives, expectations & opinions. There are things about our expatriate experience we really start missing: perhaps the greater affordability of cultural events & restaurants, a more diverse population, or even the weather.

We find ourselves wanting lớn giới thiệu our stories, feeling at times misunderstood or simply frustrated that our experience is not so interesting to everyone. We need khổng lồ remember that we are the ones who left for new horizons. Our excitement may not be shared as we would have expected, và people around us might simply not be interested in hearing what we have sầu to lớn say, not because they do not care about us, but simply because they cannot relate.

A quality opportunity for personal growth

During our travel period we learnt khổng lồ respect and accept a different way of life, a different culture, và now we may just have to vày the same in reverse and in a more familiar environment. We may feel lượt thích strangers in our own city; readapting khổng lồ our environment becomes our new challenge. The same personal skills we put to practice moving khổng lồ another country are mobilized once again. It should seem so much easier this time… should it not? After all, we are baông chồng to lớn our roots and culture. That is probably the time when we realize most clearly the difference between learning a foreign language and being able lớn speak the same language.

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